Innovation Campus Day

28th of March - 8th of May 2017

Date Activity Location
From 19/3 till 23/3 Introduction UFE classrooms
Program Registration ICP Website
Tuesday 28/3 12H00 - 15H30 Program Kick off:
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Ecosystem and map
  • Urbanization Challenges launching
  • Orientation and program description
  • Sign up
  • Observation
  • Pitch
(After 15h30) Challenges sign-up ICP website Online
From 28/3 till 4/4 Challenge Observation City of Sherouq
Tuesday 4/4 12H00 - 15H30
  • Students: Challenge and solution pitches (3 minutes)
  • Teams formulation
6+7+8 April (Ideation Boot Camp)
  • Day 1: Thursday from 18h00 - 21h00 pm Ice breaking activities Creative thinking exercises ideation + Innovation fundamentals
  • Day 2: Friday from 10 to 20h30 Introduction to the BMC Value propositions Personas and market segmentation
  • Day 3: Saturday from 10 to 19h00 BMC (block by block) Design thinking Funding your business
8 - 18 April Second observation Market Research and data validation (Group mentoring slots) City of Sherouq
Tuesday 18/4 Elevator Pitch Training Salle
From 28/3 till 4/4 Challenge Observation City of Sherouq
Saturday 22/4 From 9h00 - 17h00 Mentoring Session District
Tuesday 2nd May Pitch Rehearsal Amphitheatre
Monday 8th May
Innovation Campus Program
Pitch (5 minutes) + 10 minutes Q&A competition
Afternoon or same week: Table ronde (ou mini conference) on program (retour/d’expérience or experience sharing)