Innovation Campus Day

28th of March - 8th of May 2017

Criteria 1:   Affordable Housing

Create new ways, methods, technologies and materials to make housing and its components cheaper, better, ecofriendly, more protected and more convenient.  

Success story:  Housing using sandbags in Nigeria  

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Criteria 2: Placemaking & Tactical Urbanism

Turn cities, slums and ignored places into a human-friendly area using smart, low-cost solutions. Tactical urbanism is an umbrella term used to describe a collection of low-cost, temporary changes to the built environment, usually in cities, intended to improve local neighborhoods and city gathering places. Tactical urbanism can include: new design of crosswalks, pop-up cafes in public spaces, movable libraries, cycling days, eyebombing, DIY pallette furniture in streets, etc…

Success story: Traffic safety using optical illusions on roads in india

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Success Story Cements that glows in the dark for 12 hours at night in mexico to replace road lights

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Criteria 3: Natural Resources Management

 use cities’ local and renewable resources in a better and safer way for the resident. like :  Air, Water, Energy, Waves, Hurricane … etc.

Example: A low cost wind turbine to generate electricity in india

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Success story: Very effective design of house coolers in Bangladesh

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Criteria 4: Food & Urban Farming

create new methods and ways to effectively produce food, respecting the urban issues, needs, weather and area.

Success story  Rooftop, wall gardens and subterranean farms  


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Criteria 5: Mobility, Transportation and Connectivity 

Design new products and technologies that make city transportation, connectivity and mobility faster and cheaper for inhabitants and goods.

Success Story Water roller to effectively move water in South Africa

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Criteria 6: Circular Economy

Turn the city economy into a closed, self-sufficient cycle that turns its waste into products in order to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Success story: using plastic waste for building 

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