What is DEEP Cities

Deep Cities is a new international program developed by ProgrssCities Co. and District spaces Co. that aims to mobilize university students to address theirs cities challenges and turn it into business opportunities. It seeks to engage 40 cities by 2020 to be part of the program. Each year all the member cities meet in one forum to present, showcase and compete to choose the best Deep alliance in the world that engaged its university students to solve city challenges with innovative and low cost solutions in 6 main criteria defined by Deep foundation:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Placemaking and tactical Urbanism
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Food and Urban farming
  • Mobility Transportation and Connectivity
  • Circular Economy
In September 2018, 15 cities will be gathering for the first time together in the city of Nantes (France) to compete and choose the best innovative local solutions. The city of Nantes is well known as one of the most progressive, eco-friendly cities in Europe in terms of infrastructure, housing, transportation systems, and energy. The Summit is hosted by the University of Nantes, local partners, and financed by public-private sectors and member cities. During the summit, students from 15 universities all over the world will attend to present their innovative solutions. A panel of jury from the public-private sectors, governments, city administration, NGOs and top business executives will join the summit to vote and select the best university and city that engage their students, academic institutes and local entrepreneurs to address their city’s challenges.

Innovation Campus Day

For the first time, and with the partnership established with Université de Nantes in France and its support, the French University of Egypt is initiating and organizing an Innovation Campus Program taking place in the period between 28th of March till the 8th of May 2017. Students will be equipped with relevant entrepreneurial tools in order to undertake their own project if he so wishes later on. The theme of this edition will be dedicated to urbanization, smart cities and citizen participation.

Training in techniques of creativity, business modeling and pitch will allow participating students to develop their skills and be better prepared for the final competition taking place the 8th of May, 2017. This program is designed to stimulate the creativity and imagination of innovative solutions in response to the challenges proposed by partners with whom the University collaborates. Students will also benefit from expert coaching and mentoring. The final marathon will take place on May 8th, 2017 with the participation of judges, experts and prominent business leaders. The prize for innovation will be awarded to the winning team. Coaching, networking, and a pleasant productive atmosphere will be there for you.